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Water Feature Designs & Drafting

Think Green Landscapes and Waterscapes focus on creating natural styled ecosystem waterscape and and landscape projects. We are happy to consult and quote on any pond, stream, swimming pond, natural pool, lake, dam, waterscape or naturalistic landscape project.

If you are looking for an ecosystem pond, swimming pond, pondless stream, or even a lake or dam filtration or naturalisation project then please contact us direct to arrange an onsite visit and consultation and we will work with you to plan your waterscape project and associated landscaping. We love planning water based projects and integrating them into the landscape.

For larger more complex projects like recreation swimming ponds we can complete 2D design plans and even 3D perspective drawings and apply for a building permit when required. Smaller pond and stream type projects we can often just sketch onto an aerial photo or even mark out on the ground in situ with landscape markout paint. 

We recommend and use the very effective Aquascape system for most of our pond installations but can also use and custom design ponds with other products and systems if circumstances require. We focus on creating natural looking ponds with a completely chemical free filtration system. Usually we recommend a combined mechanical and biological filtration system like the Skimmer unit and Biofalls employed in the Aquascape Ecosystem Pond system.

In larger ponds and recreation swimming ponds we recommend a constructed wetland filter teamed with either skimmer unit/s or a intake bay/negative edge (like an infinity edge pool) to perform the mechanical filtration.

Our projects are built using a combination of a small in-house construction  team working very closely with our very regular specialist subcontractors. All work is arranged and managed by Think Green Landscapes. A full range of complementary landscape design and construction services are also available to complete the garden around your pond project.

Plans and 3D perspective images for our
Darlington Recreation Swimming Pond Project
(September-October 2019)

Comparison of actual built garden to 3D perspective image of part of our award winning Perth Garden Festival 2019 garden

3D Perspective image of our display garden at
Perth Garden Festival 2019
Constructed Wetland filtration diagram


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