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Natural-filtered pond (~11m x 5m)
Wattle Grove - May 2012

Design by Loretta Kearnan - Think Green Landscapes
(Information and photos of landscaping of this project click here)

The pond is naturally filtered using a combination of reeds in gravel beds and a pressurised Bio-filter (UV, sponge filters & bioballs). Two small low voltage pumps circulate the water.

The clients have introduced small native fish to control mosquito larvae. It is also now colonised by frogs, tadpoles, dragon flies and a huge range of other birds and insects are also regular visitors.

Our clients have water pumping rights to Crystal Brook but rather than take excessive water from the brook, we set up a small drainage pit on the edge of the brook that directs water from the brook into the pond when water flow is high. If this causes the pond to overflow then the overflow is directed back into the brook. Crystal Brook flows well and rises quickly after heavy rain so ensures the water level in the pond remains at a fairly constant level for most of the year with manual top ups only required in the mid-late Summer. 

Geotextile laid over and under pond liner to protect it from both
the natural ground and rocks being placed inside the pond

Excavations for pond by mini excavator & Bobcat & Dingo

12 months growth of native water lilies

12 months growth on Juncus sp.

Before pond. See rock in foreground left side and shed in background right side vs picture below

After construction of pond

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